Mother bashed eight-month-old daughter Evie, pays tiny cost

A MOTHER will not serve a day in prison after pleading guilty to the aggravated assault of her eight-month-old daughter Evie.

Police rushed to the house of mother Lorien Norman, 26, last October after she threatened to throw baby Evie from the unit's balcony.

Police were confronted with a bruised and injured Evie. Her mother initially said the bub had fallen at a play gym.

In hospital a paediatrician found Evie had been physically assaulted and hit in the face and body at least eight times, reports.

On August 30, the court was told the injuries were caused by "a sustained and deliberate assault by you upon your daughter which involved multiple blows, at least one of which was with a slotted spoon to your daughters face".

The court was told this was "more than a momentary loss of control".

Norman pleaded guilty.


The 26-year-old repeatedly struck her child with a kitchen utensil Facebook
The 26-year-old repeatedly struck her child with a kitchen utensil Facebook

During sentencing, Judge Jack Costello considered Norman's history of drug and alcohol abuse.

He also understood the mother-of-two was attempting to improve her situation.

Judge Costello said while the attack was "a gross breach of trust", he said it could have been worse.

"Your offending is nevertheless far from the most serious offending of this type in terms of the degree of force involved and the duration of the offending," he said.

She was sentenced to one year and nine months wholly suspended.

She agreed to pay a $500 bond to guarantee her good behaviour for two years.

The girls' father Shane McMahon told he was outraged by the decision.

"Where is the justice for Evie? It's absolutely disgraceful," he said.

"She has gone and bashed my child and threatened to kill her. It's just gut wrenching."

Mr McMahon now has full custody of the two children he shares with Norman.

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