Morning Show's Kylie Gillies ignored cancer spot for 18 mths

Morning Show host Kylie Gillies has opened up about her recent cancer scare.
Morning Show host Kylie Gillies has opened up about her recent cancer scare.

THE Morning Show host Kylie Gillies has revealed a cancer scare after she noticed a spot but left it for 18 months before she did anything about it.

The 50-year-old has warned people of the dangers of leaving a skin cancer for too long after discovering she had actinic keratosis.

Gillies, who is now treating it with a "chemo cream", said she was "stupid" for fearing the treatment process over getting rid of the cancer.

"Hope you've had dinner! This is me rocking an Actinic Keratosis. On the left is what it originally looked like. Barely a spot.. so I ignored it for 18 months because I was frightened of what the treatment would be. Stupid," she wrote on Instagram.

"I realise the pic on the right LOOKS scary, but that was 2 weeks into treatment. And it was able to be completely covered by makeup.

"I had no days off work. Even on TV. I'm sharing these ugly pics so that you know you DON'T necessarily have to get these sunspots 'burnt' off.

"My treatment was a cream; a kind of 'chemo' cream."

Gillies said her doctor gave her a non-invasive treatment option.

"My doctor @drnatashacook realised I needed the solution to be the least invasive possible. If ignored, these spots can turn cancerous so I beg you not to I did," she added.

"And now, 5 weeks later? There's not even a mark. Obviously I'm no expert..just a TV chick..but just worth asking the question of your doctor."

Actinic keratosis is a growth caused by damage from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and is considered a precancer.

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