Possible UFO spotted at Evans Head

What is it? The mystery object captured by Lismore womanKorrinne Stewart while taking photos of the Moon at Evans Head.
What is it? The mystery object captured by Lismore womanKorrinne Stewart while taking photos of the Moon at Evans Head.

‘THERE has got to be something out there’, Lismore Heightswoman Korrinne Stewart said after capturing with her camera a mysterious object in the night sky at Evans Head.

There have been severalreports from around the region of mysterious bright lights in the Northern Rivers’ skies inrecent weeks.

Ms Stewart contacted The Northern Star after reading areport in Tuesday’s newspaper about a UFO sighting by two Evans Head men.

The men were on their way home from the pub when they saw moon-like objects in the sky.

They were the same size and brightness as a crescent moon, but vertical.

Ms Stewart was fishing at Evans Head the week before when she began taking photographs of the Moon.

Sometime after 10.30pm a strange object, which she could only see through the lens of her camera, appeared beside the Moon.

Ms Stewart said while she did believe in UFOs, she did not know if that was what she had captured.

“I thought it might have been some kind of shadow,” she said.

Ms Stewart said she had taken photos of the Moon earlier that night in Ballina, but theobject did not appear in any of those images.

Party-goers at Nimbin alsoreported seeing a strange object in the sky last Saturday nighttowards the west.

Silvia Tribolet, of Lillian Rock, said she saw a bright orange light, like fire, which quickly faded to green and then disappeared.

“It was beautiful,” she said.

“I saw it for just one second. It was about one-third of the size of the Moon.”

Ms Tribolet said she had never seen anything like it before, but thought it was probably space junk.

Astronomer Philip Hood said people often saw things in the sky which were unexplainable.

“The sky is usually very predictable from an astronomy point of view,” Mr Hood said.

“And most things can beexplained.”

Mr Hood runs the Starry Night Planetarium, which holds astronomy nights at Brunswick Heads on the foreshore on the first-quarter moon.

UFO Research Queensland will be holding a workshop on UFOs in Byron Bay on April 17.

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