More companies listed to pay the Carbon Tax

MORE than 350 companies operating in Australia may have to pay the carbon tax, after another 28 firms were added to the Clean Energy Regulator's liable entities list.

The hitlist, which is dominated by industrial firms and mining companies, has grown to 351 since the carbon price came into effect on July 1 last year.

Among the latest additions to the Liable Entities Public Information Database were numerous firms registered in New South Wales and Western Australia.

The clean energy legislation restricts the regulator from actually reporting the registered location of companies, or where the companies actually operate.

But the Australian Business Register reveals 14 of the new additions were NSW-registered companies, six from WA, five from Victoria and two from Queensland.

Among the companies added last week were various companies associated with NSW energy supplier AGL, as well as WA Alinta co-generation plants, the Dalby bio-refinery, Jemena Queensland Gas Pipeline, Orica, Queensland Gas Company Sales, Darwin LNG and Coogee Energy.

The public database does not reveal how much tax the companies listed will pay.

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