Missing toddler case running cold

ALMOST six months after the inquest into the 2005 abduction and presumed death of 20-month-old Rahma El-Dennaoui began, the NSW Coroners Court is no closer to learning what happened to the missing toddler.

Varying accounts, language barriers and mismatched evidence have contributed to drawn out sessions in the witness box with little result.

On Tuesday the court heard Rahma's mother El-Dennaoui had given "starkly different" versions of why a drum was placed under the toddler's bedroom window the night she vanished.

Ms El-Dennaoui, who is pregnant with her 13th child, told the court police and the public had treated her and her husband like criminals and argued she would not continue to have children if she didn't want them.

This week the court also heard witnesses believed members of Rahma's family were worried police would "dig up" their backyards in the months that followed her disappearance.

Rahma has not been seen since she was put to bed about 2am on November 10, 2005.

The inquest continues.

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