Bluejuice play The Hotel Great Northern Saturday August 29.
Bluejuice play The Hotel Great Northern Saturday August 29.

Mischief makers Bluejuice in town

THOSE irrepressible mischief-makers Bluejuice have been loading up the tour van again this month for an amble up the East Coast.

The guys have good reason to declare shenanigans again. In between chasing futile dreams on a Russian salmon farm, they’ve recorded a new album Head of the Hawk set for a September release.

Lead single Broken Leg is en route to unseat Vitriol as their signature anthem, with an inspired video to match. In keeping with their reputation for brilliant clips, the filming of the video for Broken Leg saw pulled muscles, purple tracksuits and a masterful exhibition of skip-roping prowess as team Bluejuice trained intensively for months in the lead up to their quest for the title of ‘World Skipping Champions’.

"It’s a hilarious tongue-in-cheek music video," said vocalist Stav Yiannoukas.

"Once you have the song in the can, the clip is a great opportunity to expose it to people who haven’t heard of you. The vast majority of bands waste that opportunity," he said.

But creating the clip wasn’t as fun as it looked.

"The mockumentary was fun but we were training for two to three hours a day for six weeks. It was mentally and physically exhausting!" he laughed.

Perhaps the most infectious Aussie song since Kylie Minogue’s I can't get you out of my Head, the five-piece Sydney band have crafted a song that refuses to get out of your head. Broken Leg - partly inspired by the band member Jake Stone had his leg broken in a wrestling incident-gone-wrong while on tour – is three minutes of unabashed pop.

The song was recorded with American producer Chris Shaw, who has previously worked with Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, Weezer and Ween.

"Chris was a ball to work with. He really evolved the sound of the band and pushed the production to another level," Stav said.

So with Head of the Hawk due for release in September, what can we expect?

"The whole album is more melodic than our previous stuff but it is a pop album where we’ve borrowed from other genres. It’s sometimes dark but fun and danceable," he said.

And as for the performance they will bring to Byron Bay on Saturday, August 29, Stav said he only hoped people would walk away at the end as sweaty as the band.

"The show will be vicious but inclusive. We don’t take ourselves too seriously when performing. We may even fall all over each other," he said.

"It should be a great individual experience when someone goes to a show and, more to the point, it should be one big party."

The boys have already paid a visit to Byron when they kicked off their tour at Splendour in the Grass last month. Stav hopes this visit he will retrieve his favourite tracksuit pants that were left at the hotel they were staying in during Splendour.

And while the band has big plans for the future, they are taking each step as it comes.

"Putting out the record in September is the biggest thing. We just put out the single Broken Leg and now we will be doing a whole lot of touring. We do hope to go overseas, but fingers crossed it heads that way."

Bluejuice play The Hotel Great Northern on Saturday, August 29. Tickets: $18 pre/ $22 Door. Available from or 1300 762 545.

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