Northern Rivers residents reject home-grown minor parties

WITH minor parties scoring senate seats across the country, the balance of power in the Senate might see the new PM faced with a few hurdles to jump when it comes to passing legislation.

On the Northern Rivers, however, minor parties failed to rate highly with voters.

In the Page electorate the Liberals and Nationals took out majority of the senate vote at 34.43%, while Labor trailed behind at 30.11%.

The biggest move toward a minor party was the Greens' vote, but even then they only pulled 7.93%, closely followed by the Palmer United Party which grabbed 5.27% of first preference votes.

Conversely in Richmond the Greens ticket was favoured and took out 16.09% of the vote.

Just 682 out of 68,458 Page voters put their trust in the HEMP party, 1% of first preferences below the line.

There was a similar response in Richmond with just 1.1% of voters interested in marijuana law reform.

Despite CSG being a major issue for Page, the Stop CSG Party only managed to wrangle 0.71% of senate first preference.

In Richmond, the Stop CSG Party vote was just 0.45%.

Lecturer in Australian Politics at Southern Cross University Joe Coghlan said even though the senate vote for minor parties on the Northern Rivers was low, voters liked to have the opportunity to "keep politicians in check".

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