Message in a pair of thongs

The ‘borrowed’ thongs and note at North Wall, Ballina.
The ‘borrowed’ thongs and note at North Wall, Ballina.

IT wasn’t a message in a bottle that intrigued beach-goers at Ballina’s North Wall last Thursday – it was a letter in a pair of thongs.

The thongs and letter were placed at the carpark near the coast guard tower, and the letter contained an admission of guilt.

“I hope that these thongs have been found by the original owner,” the letter said.

“Someone left them here on Wednesday night.

“I felt guilty all night long, so I have brought them back to the same spot where I got them, hoping that the person whom they belong to came back looking for them.

“It was wrong of me to take them, even if I could justify it in my mind by thinking briefly in that moment that ‘they may have been left behind’.

“I’m sorry. God says not to steal, and he sees all that we do and judges the motives of our hearts. I think mine was greed.

“I don’t know who will read this, but it’s the best that I could do in this situation, so I’m leaving it in God’s hands.”

The letter goes on to say that the writer is praying for forgiveness.

When our journalist Grahame Broadhead was there reading the letter, a couple of surfers walked past, having surfed at North Wall.

“That’s a doozie of a letter,” one surfer said.

“A guilty conscience over a pair of thongs!”

It reminded the surfer of an unrelated incident and he hoped the perpetrator had similar pangs of guilt and would return his and his mate’s sunnies and wallets and write that they’re sorry too.

Broadhead returned on Friday morning to see if the thongs and letter were still there.

They weren’t.

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