Husband and wife cleaners Trevor and Janet Holland of Trev and Jan Home Services in Yandina show that some men get involved in household chores.
Husband and wife cleaners Trevor and Janet Holland of Trev and Jan Home Services in Yandina show that some men get involved in household chores. Iain Curry

Clean up your act fellas - only 40% are helping out at home

AFTER a long day at work, Trevor Holland cringes at the thought of picking up the vacuum.

But the professional cleaner will do it if it makes his wife happy.

Mr Holland is one of the 40.2% of the good guys who help their wives with basic cleaning duties like washing up and taking out the bins.

According to research by Australian green cleaning brand Orange Power, a mere 7.6% of men take responsibility for household cleaning, compared with 52.2% of women.

But Mr Holland admitted he was not only motivated by the idea of having a spick and span house.

"There are definitely fringe benefits to be had by helping out around the house. I won't go into that too much," he laughed.

Mr Holland and his wife Janet have worked as a professional cleaning and landscaping team after launching Trev and Jan Home Services in May.

Mrs Holland said her hubby had always been very hands-on when it came to making beds and cleaning rooms during their eight years in the accommodation industry.

"At home I'd be very surprised if I ever saw an iron in my husband's hand, but apart from that anything else is a team effort," she said.

Although he said most men he knew did pitch in to some degree with the domestic duties, Mr Holland was quick to advise the vast majority of chore-avoiders to clean up their act.

The research found cleaning was the biggest cause of arguments between couples, with three quarters of them rowing weekly and one-in-10 locking horns at least three times a week.

More than 27% of women revealed their pet peeves were their partner scattering dirty clothes around the home while 25% said leaving newspapers, rubbish and used glasses in living areas made them see red.

While most blokes admitted cleaning the toilet was their most dreaded job, their partners said they most disliked cleaning the shower.


  • Females had the responsibility of cleaning in 52.2% relationships, males in 7.6% and it was a shared responsibility in 40.2%.
  • 48.7% household arguments are over cleaning duties.
  • 71.5% couples fight over cleaning duties once a week, 17.3% twice a week and 11.1% three or more times a week.
  • Most disliked cleaning jobs are cleaning the shower (40.9%), cleaning the toilet (38.6%) and mopping the floors (26.3%).

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