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Melissa Joan Hart's 'mom guilt'

MELISSA Joan Hart feels guilty she is not being a good mother "every single day".

The 40-year-old actress constantly worries she isn't looking after her kids, Mason, 10, Braydon, eight, and four-year-old Tucker - who she has with husband Mark Wilkerson - well enough which makes her feel that she is "not a good person".

She said: "I have mom guilt that I'm here right now and I didn't put my kids on the school bus ... I didn't spend enough time with this one ... didn't pack a healthy-enough lunch.

"I threw away some toys that they love.

"You really have this guilt every single day, and it eats away at you that you're not a good person and you can't do it right."

The 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' star allows her kids to make plenty of mess in her house because she wants them to enjoy having fun while they are young.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, she added: "I have a sign in my house that says 'Please pardon the mess, my children are making memories'.

"I think that's important to remember. They're only little once, and they'll be some day where I'm not picking up Legos and Silly Putty isn't stuck to my couch and I can actually have a clean house.

"But those are the days that I'll miss my kids."

Last year, Melissa took to her Instagram account to reveal she has shed 40lbs.

The blonde star previously revealed she had put on close to 60lbs when she was pregnant with Tucker in 2012, but her desire to feel confident in a bikini pushed her to shed some weight.

She said: "I just thought, you know, in my 30s, I can't wear a bikini. I just thought, that's not what women in their 30s do and especially after three children. It's never easy when you put on the weight and you're just uncomfortable.

"Just staying in shape and staying fit is so important in my life just because of all the things I wanna do...I'm very proud of myself."

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