Dave Callan is on route to Ballina.
Dave Callan is on route to Ballina. Supplied

Melbourne Comedy Roadshow comes to Ballina

WHAT do you get when you squeeze a bunch of comedians into a van? A whole lot of fun – but you can find out for yourself tomorrow night when the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow arrives in Ballina. AMELIA TURNER cornered MC, Dave Callan:
While on a road trip, you should never ...

Eat the mystery meat then do pop offs with the windows closed.
How many comedians does it take to send the driver round the bend?
Just one if you’re hungover enough.
Is there a difference to performing on a road trip and in a comedy club? 
Yes, at a normal gig you don’t get car sick or eat bad roadhouse food or need to wee for ages.
What types of acts can audiences look forward to in Ballina?
Flipping me.
Big local names, newcomers and overseas jokers from the festival are travelling the country for this tour. Who, apart from yourself, is your favourite act on this tour, and why?

It’s well balanced by the festival because comedy is so subjective … but mainly me.
Who would be the hardest comedian to put up with on long road trips, and why? 
I would say Bob Hope because he’s been dead for ages and would smell.
If you were stuck on a desert island, who would you bring and why?
You, to keep me occupied with questions.
What has been your highlight from this year’s comedy festival?
Doing a dance to Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies with backup dancers (true story).
What is a must-have for you while on tour?
Your buttocks.
Ballina without the Big Prawn is like …
Me without my wiener (in other words, still very good but missing one large attraction).
Catch Dave Callan along with Justin Hamilton, Sammy J, Smart Casuals and DeAnne Smith at the Ballina RSL Club on Friday night (June 3). Doors open at 8pm for an 8.30pm start. Tickets $25 from the venue.


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