Raani meets Bambang

TEN-YEAR-OLD Raani Nichols, of Ocean Shores, met the president of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, and the First Lady while on holiday in Bali last month.

Raani had been staying at an upmarket resort in Bali with her parents, enjoying all the activities of kids’ club, when she heard the president would be coming to check out the site to make sure it would be safe for an international conference.

Raani decided it would be ‘really cool’ to meet the president, so she asked her friends at kids’ club to take her to the florist to get some flowers.

The president and his entourage arrived amid tight security and there was no way Raani could get close, let alone deliver the flowers.

Later, as the president was being shown around the grounds in a buggy, Raani was there to take a photo every time they went past.

On the last pass the general manager said to the president, ‘There’s your biggest fan’, pointing out the little girl with the camera.

“Stop the car,” he ordered, and the First Lady called Raani over.

“I got a bit excited then, but she put her arm around me – she was a bit like a really nice grandmother,” Raani said.

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