At the Mazstock festival at the Uni Bar on Saturday night Hayley Pehrson of Alstonville,and Maz Schofield of Lismore. Photo Doug Eaton / The Northern Star
At the Mazstock festival at the Uni Bar on Saturday night Hayley Pehrson of Alstonville,and Maz Schofield of Lismore. Photo Doug Eaton / The Northern Star Doug Eaton

Mazstock and Lismore's best moments in rock

SINCE 2009 Maralyn (Maz) Schofield has been playing host to Lismore's boutique multi-stage rock event, Mazstock. It's on again this Saturday, and attracts rock fans from Brisbane to Bellingen. This year's line-up will not  disappoint.

Re-mains frontman and Mazstock aider and abetter Mick Daley wrote this about this about the infamous eponymous fest and the former Winsome Hotel matron who started it all:

"Maz always looked after the bands sumptuously. Her devotion to rock and roll has been a mainstay of music in Lismore for a long time, and without the Winsome flying the flag in those days there wasn't much else around. Maz's dedication to keeping music ablaze and relevant in the midst of her own furious political life has been a beacon for rockers on the East Coast."

"When Mazstock became a thing in 2009, the Winsome was the perfect venue.

"Maz, promoter Sideshow and the rock and roll community of the east Coast established a hard won tradition of impeccable taste and rock majesty that's reverberated across the shrinking cultural tapestry of this Tory-terrorised, art, music and literature-hating wilderness.

In defiance of the socio-economic malaise, over the years a succession of superb bands have made their pilgrimage to Lismore to pay homage at the court of Mazstock," Daley wrote.

In the last decade, Lismore has largely fallen off the rock tour highway, due partly to The Big Day Out's slipstream and partly due to the stranglehold of pokies, porn and PlayStation. The annual pilgrimage brings with it bitter-sweet nostalgia, as old -schoolers reminisce about the glory days of Lismore rock.

So In honour of the rock legacy of Mazstock, we've curated some of the best moments of rock in Lismore.

Blondie, December 6, 1977. Lismore Town Hall.


Local Dave Slade remembered the gig fondly: "I was expecting ten versions of 'In The Flesh' but they rocked ... They did Iggy Pop's 'Funtime' and  Doors cover Detroit 442.

Blondie was supported by The Ferretts.

Fugazi, Italo Club November 1993 and City Hall, June 1997


Michael Ivers, who promoted events in the early '90s, as well as running a vinyl-only record store in Lismore, brought in Fugazi, Frenzal Rhomb, Spiderbait and The Lemonheads.

Nunbait, Tatts Hotel, 1992

Before video cameras were ubiquitous, this beauty was shot by an unknown person at the Tatts Hotel, Lismore in June 1992. Nunbait were touring up to Queensland, having previously played in the area with Fugazi at the Byron Bay Arts Factory.

Grinspoon, The Gollan 1996



Grinspoon came together back in July of 1995 when Pat Davern (guitar), Joe Hansen (bass guitar), Kristian Hopes (drums) and Jamieson met at a jam night at The Gollan Hotel in Lismore.

Months later they won the Triple J Unearthed competition with 'Sickfest'.

Mazstock 2011, ItaloClub

Mick Daley writes: In 2011 in the big ballroom of The Italo Club the likes of Kim Salmon ripped it up on the big stage, while on the smaller stage Screamin' Stevie, draped in an Australian flag set about restoring our pride in the nation that brought us Abbott. Elsewhere Leadfinger, The New Christs and Six Ft Hick slugged it out with Slug and a horde of other great acts.

That Mazstock saw the historic deployment of Hits, a devastatingly good rock band who have gone on to cult status after their relentless domination of Australia's rock scene. With two undaunted women on guitars and a ferocious if diminutive frontman, they've gone on to conquer Europe and inevitably, the USA.



Tickets at the door: $25, Italo Club in North Lismore. Starts 1pm sharp.

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