Mayor to lodge recession motion against screens

PLANS to erect ugly screens as punishment for killing trees in Evans Head has met with local anger.

Darrell and Hanneke Wallace live opposite a tree that has been dead since before they bought their land in 1992, and they have photographs to prove it.

Yet they feel they may have the finger of blame pointed at them if a barrier is erected across the road from their Ocean Drive home.

Now Mayor Charlie Cox is planning to lodge a rescission motion on the council's recent decision to erect visual barriers.

And he is hopeful that residents might come forward with offers to help restore damaged vegetation on the river bank along Ocean Drive and to dunes along Terrace Street near the Airforce Beach 4WD track.

“I'm hoping for a more positive outcome,” he said.

“There are a lot of responsible people in the area who will have their views severely impacted as a result of a few irresponsible people.”

The only hiccup is that a rescission motion cannot now be lodged for three months.

But considering there is no budget for the screens there is still ample time to come up with a more acceptable solution.

Meanwhile, Richmond Valley Council's administration engineer Michael McKenzie said grant money is now available for bush regeneration work to be carried out along the south side of the Evans River bank east of Kalimna Park.

Mr McKenzie said the regeneration technique would include removing woody weeds and vines in order to let the natural seed bank in the ground sprout. There would be enough money for follow-up weeding.

The work should start before Christmas.

Mayor Cox said volunteer bush regeneration could unite with the funded regeneration so residents could claim 'ownership' of the riverbank.

That, he said, might create an atmosphere where tree vandals are shamed by an active community rather than the council.

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