MAX CRUS: Cheers Cheer for cancelling Coon

Astute readers will recall amid the flurry of columns on the marketing madness that's overtaken the world since greed was invented in 1980 (BC) I flagged we would enter the debate surrounding Coon cheese.

Surely you have been waiting with abated breath, on tenterhooks and the edge of your seat to have your very modern point of view reinforced or threatened depending on which side of the bread your butter is spread.

So, thanks and now by popular demand - and despite foregoing the undoubted joy and schadenfreude on offer following the demise of Eddie Maguire or Crown Casino both of which alas happened too quickly to have penned a piece about which we might now be boastfully and self-righteously chortling "I told you so", "good riddance" and "nah nah nana nah" - you may be shocked to hear that the makers of said cheese got it wrong.

They bowed to left-wing, cancel-culturist (whatever that is), rampant greenie, politically correct, nanny-state, focus groups and their brand is sadly, but rightfully blighted and may never recover.

They had an opportunity to be leaders in the commercial world and they buggered it up.

Generations of cheese lovers, from kids who grew up on cheese sticks and cheese and vegemite sandwiches, to swinging couples of the sixties fond of their fondu parties, not to mention the ubiquitous cubist cheese cubes to go with their Porphyry Pearl and Ben Ean, have been slapped in the face and may never return to their roots, even if they remember them.

Yes, Coon is gone, despite the protestations the Proud Boys of Alabama and other Trump supporters, Hitler Youth, Q-Anon and perhaps even Scotty from Marketing.

Of course a name change was necessary, and the debate subsided almost as quickly as the racist jokes, but to call it Cheer?

What were they thinking? Clearly a decision made by the board of Canadian owners, Saputo, when they were half-cut following a prolonged wine and cheese session.

Well, good on them anyway, despite being another glaring example of marketing getting it only half right, it's certainly worth celebrating, perhaps with a block of Cheer and one of these :


Mr Riggs McLaren Vale Burnt Block Shiraz 2018, $50
Good luck seeking some sympathy with a name like Burnt Block. After 2020, half the wine producers in Australia have one. Doesn't mean it isn't good, and it is. 9.4/10.

H & B (Hearts & Bones) by Stuart Pym Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2020
H & B (Hearts & Bones) by Stuart Pym Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Simon Hughes

Mr Riggs McLaren Vale JFR Shiraz 2018, $50
Finding a great new restaurant is as good as finding a great new author, or wine, and even better when they're all modestly priced. Finding two out three at once is epiphanous. 9.5/10.

Meerea Park Hunter Valley Old Vine Semillon 2016, $40
Sometimes the simplicity of semillon makes you wonder why we bother with other white grapes. Amazing how much character is embodied in such simplicity. 9.4/10.

de Bortoli King Valley Prosecco Rosé, NV
de Bortoli King Valley Prosecco Rosé, NV Simon Hughes

Meerea Park Hunter Valley Alexander Munro Individual Vineyard Semillon 2015, $50
If you try a semillon and think "it can't get any better", just leave it in a cupboard for the few years. 9.6/10.

H & B (Hearts & Bones) by Stuart Pym Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc 2020
Part of a carton from Naked Wines that only cost $80 means this was possibly cost $7. As good as value gets for a wine that you wouldn't regret spending $25 on. 9.2/10.

de Bortoli King Valley Prosecco Rosé, NV, $18 
If there's a better wine than rosé to go with pizza, it's sparkling rosé and this matched the food colours beautifully too. 9.2/10.

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