WINNER: Bangalow singer songwriter Matt Henry.
WINNER: Bangalow singer songwriter Matt Henry. Kate Holmes

Matt Henry to play Mullum

BANGALOW singer songwriter Matt Henry has won the Play Mullum competition this year with his song The Best That They Could Do.

Henry said the win came as a surprise to him.

"The theme of this year's Play Mullum competition was 'break up songs', and this is a song about a person I broke up with more than ten years ago," he said.

"The songs is a reflection of that relationship and wondering what happened to that person, because we essentially didn't talk anymore after being together for 12 years."

"We broke up one day and we never really spoke again."

"I was wondering what happened with her life, and where she ended up, so I just picked up the guitar and started working on the songs, it was a very organic process."

Listen to the song here:

The winning song is the first single of Matt Henry's upcoming sophomore album, Love Without Co-Dependancy.

Matt Henry said the song was the first pick by producer Shane Nicholson.

"I sent him about 15 songs and he picked the ones he liked the most. He picked that one , which surprised me. " Henry said.

"He picked that one out as one of the top two, which surprised me. I thought other songs were stronger, but I had to trust my producer, and he was right!"

"I'm 40 and this is my first album so it's been a long time coming, but it's very nice that the first song of my first album got me into a music festival," he added.

Matt Henry is comfortable introducing his music as Americana and alt-Country.

"I think about it as alt-Country music, it isn't really traditional Country," he said.

Matt Henry's first album, will be launched in late January 2017.

Henry will be playing at the Milk Factory in Brisbane this Thursday evening.

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