Mates ready to be Vikings in the UK

A TRIO of talented local mates has been selected to play in the Vikings 15-years boys Australian futsal (indoor soccer) squad to tour the United Kingdom later this year.

Layton Barton of Bangalow, Tim Knight of Federal and Sean Spencer of Alstonville all won selection after taking up the sport last year.

Aged 14, they joined a youth (16-19) futsal five-a side team in the Alstonville competition where playing against older, more experienced players fast-tracked their development.

Goalkeeper Layton Barton loves the new game and said “Futsal really teaches you to react very quickly on the small court. Those strikers come at you really fast and the shot on goal can come from anywhere.”

“The different low bounce ball and wooden floors took a while to get used to but I love the incredibly fast pace, and the new tricks we learnt were amazing,” Tim Knight said.

“In futsal, you are always playing under pressure, you have to make lightning-fast decisions in tight situations and have lots of touches on the ball and that's what makes it so fun,” Sean Spencer said.

Each of the boys has also competed at either state or Australian level athletics and for the last three years have been playing representative state league soccer.

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