American musician Anton Newcombe.
American musician Anton Newcombe. Contributed

Massacre’s Silver Jubilee

FORMED in San Francisco in 1990, The Brian Jonestown Massacre named their band in tribute to the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist and his influence in introducing Eastern culture and music into the world of Western rock'n'roll.

The kings of mind-expanding, hypnotic psych rock, Anton Newcombe and Brian Jonestown Massacre have been creating their own musical path since coming together in 1990.

The 25 Years - The Silver Jubilee Tour will see the band perform current songs from the last few years along with older songs that have never been played live before.

To coincide with the Australian tour, Brian Jonestown Massacre has also release a limited edition numbered vinyl (double gate fold) 10" EP called The BJM Mini Album of all new songs, to be sold from venues only.

We spoke to Anton Newcombe about his upcoming show in Byron Bay.

Welcome back and Happy 25th Birthday to BJM! What can audiences expect from your Silver Jubilee tour?

Thank you. I think everyone can expect a fantastic group in its prime (how can that be?) showcasing its unique flavour of mind expanding music.

In 25 years of being in the music industry, what have you learnt?

That I was very smart to fight the system and hold onto all of my music rights, to own my music and stay indie.

Musique de Film Imaginé was released in April, your 14th studio album, how was that experience?

It is the 14th or 15th, I dunno. The EP and mini-album after that almost make up another. It feels great to be able to write and be creative. I'm just doing what I love so it all comes very naturally to me.

So is there a 15th album coming soon?

Yes indeed. I would imagine that I will write something for 2016.

Thank God for Mental Illness (1996) has been recently released on vinyl for the first time. Why did you decide to do that?

I think people wanted to see that happen. For the longest time, the hang up was the secret mini-album hidden at the end, that works on a CD format but not on vinyl. I didn't want to rip people off by not including it. In the end we offered a digital download.


Appearing at the Northern, Byron Bay, November 12 from 8pm

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