Marshall loves the Star online for convenience, local news

STAYING INFORMED: Marshall Fittler reads The Northern Star online.
STAYING INFORMED: Marshall Fittler reads The Northern Star online. Cathy Adams

MARSHALL Fittler is a long-time reader of The Northern Star, but these days you're more likely to find him reading the paper on his laptop computer than leafing through the print edition.

"I like the convenience," Mr Fittler said. "It's a matter of not having to go to the news-agent or another outlet to buy the paper."

Mr Fittler - an active campaigner on local health issues and the head of the local community health group Crackin' Cancer - said he read The Star to keep on top of local news and events, particularly regarding councils and local health and social justice issues.

"I'm more concerned with local issues than state or federal issues," he said.

"This is a low socio-economic area and I'm very concerned for people, such as aged pensioners, disability support pensioners and single parents who are constantly being slugged with rate rises."

Mr Fittler said he was particularly concerned for cancer patients left virtually destitute by the cost of their care along with lost income, yet who still had to battle through rate rises "and other costs that they are expected to come up with".

Asked how he rated The Northern Star's coverage of those issues, Mr Fittler replied "excellent".

"Over the years I have spent campaigning on health issues, I don't think we could have achieved anything near what we have achieved without The Northern Star," he said.

An example of that sort of help came as recently as a few weeks ago, when The Star promoted and covered a fundraiser by the Tropical Fruits group to help people having trouble with the financial cost of battling cancer.

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