Mardi Grass 2011.
Mardi Grass 2011.

Council comes to the party

MARDIGRASS's ganja faeries face an anxious wait to see if the development application for the 20th anniversary drug law reform protest will get the tick of approval from Lismore City Council.

The DA for the event which attracts visitors to Nimbin from around the globe was lodged on Thursday after Lismore City Council threatened to take out an injunction unless it was supplied with information to allow it to determine whether a DA was required.

Organisers of the event said council approvals involved too much red tape and money.

They designed a program for this year which they expected would not require a DA.

However, the council said it could not see how the program was any different to previous years.

MardiGrass was told that even if it did submit a DA it may be too late for it to be approved in time for the event, due to be held on May 5 and 6.

The council said it would not expedite the application.

However, by last week the council's position appeared to have softened when manager of development and compliance Peter Jeuken told The Northern Star the council wanted to see MardiGrass go ahead.

Ganja faerie Inez Price, 57, said the DA had been a huge distraction for the volunteer-run organisation that puts on the event.

Ms Price choreographs the faerie dance which is performed by a troop of faeries, all dressed in green, during the protest march.

She said the volunteer effort to hold MardiGrass was huge and the council should find a way to alleviate some of the burden of requirements.

"The DA has put everyone into chaos when we really just want to get on with the real work of organising MardiGrass," Ms Price said.

Yesterday, a spokesperson for the council said the council had met with the event organisers and the DA had been progressed.

Ganja faerie rehearsals are held at the Nimbin Community Centre on Wednesdays at 4pm.

All who would like to dance with the faeries are welcome.

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