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A 54-YEAR-OLD Koonorigan man has pleaded guilty to having nearly 26kg of cannabis leaf and heads, and another kilogram of cannabis resin scattered around his home.

Peter Stear Jackson appeared in Lismore Local Court yesterday charged with cultivating and supplying commercial quantities of cannabis.

Police arrested him on May 1 during a raid on his 40ha property at Koonorigan Road.

While searching the property police found cannabis leaf and seeds in the main bedroom of the house.

Jackson was arrested when he admitted to police he owned the leaf and seeds.

He then directed police to a small shed behind the house where they found cannabis leaf and heads drying on purpose-built racks.

When he pointed police to a large machinery shed, they found more cannabis heads drying on four purpose-built drying structures.

Each of the structures were two-tiered and measured four metres long and one metre wide.

On the top of each structure police found a large amount of cannabis resin, and more cannabis heads in sealed plastic bags.

A search of cupboards inside the shed revealed more cannabis leaf and heads.

In an arboretum that housed chickens and ducks 40 metres from the main house, police found mature, pruned, cannabis plants standing over 2.5 metres high growing in the soil.

Jackson told police he had planted them about seven months earlier and that the soil was naturally fertilised by the chooks and ducks, and recent rainfall kept them watered.

In a separate area within the arboretum Jackson showed police more plants heavily headed, two months old and one metre high.

More cannabis plants, ranging in height from 40 centimetres to over two-and-a-half metres, were found in another section in the arboretum.

Jackson then led police back to the house.

He crawled under the building and got a 20-litre plastic container filled with cannabis heads which he gave to police.

Jackson told police that, scattered over the property, were patches of plantings and he drew them a rough map showing the locations.

Jackson told police the plants, which ranged up to two metres tall, were planted two months earlier.

A total number of 134 cannabis plants, ranging in height from 40cm to three metres, were seized during the raid, along with 577 grams of cannabis seed, 25.9 kilos of cannabis leaf and heads, and 1.067 kilos of cannabis resin. The haul was valued at $556,000.

When questioned Jackson told police he only smoked cannabis once a year at the Nimbin Mardi Grass festival.

On behalf of Jackson's defence solicitor Ralph James entered guilty pleas to cultivating a commercial quantity of cannabis and two counts of supplying a commercial quantity of cannabis.

Mr James successfully requested Jackson be excused from attending on September 22, when the matter will be mentioned in Lismore District Court.

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