Man rubbishes dumping rules

RULES at the Ballina tip are encouraging people to "drive down the road and chuck their rubbish over the side", a Byron Bay tradesman says.

The man, who wanted only to be known as Mick – "I need to be able to keep doing business in town", he said – is furious that he cannot drop off recyclable goods at the tip shop, known as Revolve, and has to pay to take them into the tip.

Mick said tip shop people then went into the tip to salvage the goods. “It’s just a money grab,” he said.

Mick said he used the tip and Revolve at least once a month and often had resaleable items in good condition, such as aluminium doors, fireplaces and barbecues that he’d pick up from building sites.

He said that up until last week he was able to drop off the recyclable goods at the tip shop, then drive over the weighbridge and pay to dump the remainder of his load.

But staff at Revolve, which is run separately to the tip, have now told him they have been directed not to accept goods directly.

According to Ballina Shire Council group manager of civil services, John Truman, there has been no change to the rules. “This has always been the arrangement,” he said.

Mr Truman said the policy was in place because the operators of Revolve had an agreement with council that they did not have to pay disposal charges for surplus waste. Council would therefore have to pick up the tab for disposing of the excess.

Mick said it was a ridiculous rule and he feared the same thing would happen when the new tip shop opens at Myocum in Byron Shire next year.

“It doesn’t seem right that you pay $30 to put something in the tip when you could have given it to them in the first place,” Mick said.

“What’s the point in dumping it, for them to walk 50 metres and pick it up again?

“The more people have to pay for the tip, the more likely they are to dump it on the side of the road.”

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