Man on trial for raping daughter

A NORTHERN RIVERS father on trial in the Lismore District Court for the rape of his daughter, aged 11, has been accused by his older daughter of constantly kissing the child on the lips in what she said was an inappropriate manner.

The divorced father, aged in his 50s, is pleading not guilty to three counts of having sexual intercourse with his youngest daughter when she was aged between nine and 11; and not guilty to one count of committing an act of indecency with a child under his authority.

That daughter gave her evidence before a closed court earlier this week, but yesterday her older sister told the jury that on regular visits to their father’s house in 2004 as part of a shared parenting arrangement she had seen her father and little sister laying on a couch kissing on the lips.

“I told them to stop (kissing),” she said when answering questions put by the Crown prosecutor.

The teenager said she often stayed with friends and not at her father’s, alleging her father ‘favoured’ her younger sister, even making her sit in the front seat of his car.

“He always made her be next to him. When out shopping they were always holding hands,” she said.

“She always sat in the front seat (from 2004). He made sure they held hands.”

The daughter said she saw them lying together on a couch in the lounge room ‘spooning’ each other –‘He would hug her and they would kiss each other on the lips’.

“Did he ever kiss you like that?” asked the Crown.

“No,” the visibly upset teenager replied, while wiping tears from her face.

“I told them to stop.”

“Did he stop?”

“He said to leave them alone, that it was none of my business.”

The daughter alleged that while visiting their nanna (father’s mother) her father made his younger daughter sit on his lap, had placed his hands on her thighs and kissed her on the lips in front of his mother.

Cross-examined by defence barrister Anthony Smith, the teenager denied making up the allegations, stating that her father also threatened to crash his car or hurt himself if the girls did not visit his house.

The trial continues today.

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