Man jailed for theft

A PAIR of gloves was found hidden in his undies, but Barry Stubbings told the searching police officers they were only kept there to keep his hands warm.

Stubbings, 36, from Tweed Heads, pleaded guilty in the Lismore Local Court to four charges: larceny; enter a vehicle without its owner’s consent; trespass; and being in possession of goods suspected of being stolen ($15.50 cash).

He was arrested on December 16 last year following calls to police by concerned residents at Tweed Heads.

He told one resident when confronted that he was looking for old newspapers.

A police search found him hiding behind bins and in possession of a number of stolen items, including a $5 Golden Casket lottery cheque, an Australian Tax Office assessment, a pathology invoice and $15.50 in coins.

Police said a Daewoo car was also discovered in the area that had been broken into.

The gloves were found hidden in his undies.

“They are there to keep my hands warm. I haven’t been breaking into anything,” Stubbings told police.

“I hide them so you coppers don’t blame me for shit I haven’t done and those magistrates can’t put me inside.”

Defence lawyer Amy Barker told the court that on the day of the offences Stubbings went to police to hand himself in on another matter, but because of a problem with the custody room was told to come back in the morning.

“Unfortunately he met up with some old associates and started drinking,” Ms Barker said.

Magistrate Robyn Denes said Stubbings was already in custody until June and he needed to reassess if this was how he wanted to continue his life.

He was sentenced to one month jail, but was not convicted on the offence of entering the Daewoo car.

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