Man goes wild in police cell

BRADLEY KELLSON stripped naked and went a bit wild punching, head-butting and flicking his blood onto the walls of a holding cell in the Casino Police Station.

Kellson, 27, of Coombell, pleaded guilty in Casino Local Court to charges of destroying NSW Police property after a night selling raffle tickets in a Casino hotel on November 26.

He also pleaded guilty to refusing to comply with a police direction to move on; using offensive language in public; and resisting police.

Magistrate Robyn Denes said she wanted a presentence report done because she needed to know more about Kellson.

Defence lawyer Amy Barker said her client had a very tough background but had since calmed down a lot.

She said he had been selling raffle tickets in the Royal Hotel when the offences took place after he became angry with police when his girlfriend was arrested.

Police facts state Kellson was spoken to on Walker Street and kept telling the officers to give him ‘a f.....g ticket’ after refusing to move on.

He was restrained against a wall with wrist locks applied and continued to resist police when they tried to put him in the back of a van until warned capsicum spray would be used.

En-route to the police station Kellson punched and head-butted the van walls cutting his forehead. He took off his shirt and tied it around his neck – ‘in effect choking himself and turning bright red in the face’ until police intervened.

Police stated there was blood spatter throughout the rear of the van from the cut to his forehead.

An ambulance was called to the Casino police station after Kellson punched a perspex cell door injuring his knuckles before ‘flipping’ the blood on the cell walls.

After head-butting the door and worsening his forehead injury he was handcuffed and driven to Lismore Base Hospital. Kellson will be sentenced on February 17.

WEATHER: Thunderstorms, strong winds this afternoon

WEATHER: Thunderstorms, strong winds this afternoon

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