Man found guilty of raping women he lured onto his yacht

A SERIAL rapist has been convicted of luring young women onto his luxury yacht with the promise of adventures on tropical islands along Queensland's coast while they became live-aboard nannies to his young son.

John Collins, 74, placed newspaper advertisements asking for the women to fill the nanny position and then lured them into his cabin where he raped them.

The jury had heard Collins would give the women drug-laced drinks before raping them.

Two of the women fell pregnant as a result of the rapes.

A jury on Friday found him guilty of all 10 counts of rape relating to seven women between December 31, 1985, and February 1, 2000, at various ports including the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Bundaberg.

"The truth doesn't really count any more," Collins said after hearing the verdicts.

"I just can't believe I'm 100% innocent and I've been found guilty of all these crimes."

The court heard Collin's youngest victim was just 17 when he offered her work at his Alexandra Headland motel in 1986.

He then asked her to meet him at his yacht and asked her to be a live-aboard secretary and companion for his son.

During the trial the jury also heard Collins forced some women into the yacht cabin and raped them while others came out of a drugged state to find themselves being assaulted.

The jury took seven days to reach verdicts but not all were unanimous, meaning some were an 11-1 majority.

Collins was convicted on 10 rape counts, four counts of stupefying to commit an offence and five counts of sexual assault.

The jury could not reach a verdict on one count and they entered not guilty verdicts on two counts.

During an earlier bail hearing, the court heard Collins had a severe left temporal lobe brain injury.

Collins will come back before court to be sentenced on April 3.

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