A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking.
A Coast pensioner has been refused bail after being charged with drug trafficking. Rockhampton Morning Bulletin

Man drugs and rapes German backpacker: court

IN A scene straight from a horror movie a German backpacker was drugged and raped in a Granite Belt shearer's quarters.

In August 2013 the 19-year-old German woman had been in Australia for just two weeks when she answered an ad looking for a nanny on a farm outside Stanthorpe.

After communicating with the advertiser over a period of days she caught a bus to the Cottonvale bus stop. She arrived at 7.15pm and was met by Peter John Van de Wetering.

Van de Wetering, 48, was wearing a wig, fake beard and fake moustache and driving a car he had hired the day before.

Van de Wetering pleaded guilty at the Brisbane District Court on Monday to kidnapping, rape, attempted rape, deprivation of liberty, sexual assault, common assault, stealing, administering a stupefying drug and attempting to stupefy.

He gave the girl a chocolate - which the court heard was drugged - but when she tried it she didn't like the taste.

He drove the woman for over an hour until he got to a shearer's shed he knew was abandoned. As they arrived he tied her hands together and made her look away from him.

He took her inside and cable tied her to the bed. When she begged him to stop Van de Wetering said: "Do you need a gun to your mouth to make you stop talking?" before he assaulted her.

During the attack she kicked him off which the court heard angered him.

"You will do this or I will kill you," he told the teenager.

He then forced her to eat the drugged chocolate and she passed out.

She woke hours later 26km from the shearer's quarters. She used her German mobile phone to call her sister who contacted an Australian family she knew who contacted the police.

Police used the fake details Van de Wetering had used to register the phone he had spoken to the girl with to track him down to Sydney. He was arrested in October 2014 and has remained in jail since.

In a translated statement to the court the woman said the scars on her arms from the cable ties were a constant reminder of the attack.

Judge Terry Martin will sentence Van de Wetering on Wednesday. - ARM NEWSDESK

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