Making a galah out of public art

A stuffed galah perched on the Ark sculpture in Woodlark Street Lismore
A stuffed galah perched on the Ark sculpture in Woodlark Street Lismore Cathy Adams

Lismore might have to get used to a stuffed galah siting on the Ark sculpture in Woodlark Street if the experience of Glasgow, Scotland is anything to go by.

It seems the art work called "Alternating Current' by Paul Johnson and Gail Masonby, just can't get a lucky break.

It was delivered late, over budget, is generally unloved and now has been unceremoniously adorned with a stuffed galah.

The galah has been there since late July and if the experience of pranksters in the Scottish city of Glasgow is anything to go by, it could be there for quite a while.

For the last 20 years late night revellers have been putting a parking cone on top of one of the city's most remarkable statues, a life-size bronze of the Duke of Wellington on horse back forged in 1844.

The Glasgow City council had plans to raise the statue to make it harder for the practical jokers to keep going, but a public backlash soon put a stop to the idea.

The council said the cone-planting was damaging the statue as people had to climb over it to get the cones in place. Taking down the cones, only to see them soon replaced, also cost the council $10,000 a year it said.

But these claims were dismissed by supporters who argued the cone on Wellington's head was "an iconic part of Glasgow's heritage, and means far more to the people of Glasgow and to visitors than Wellington himself ever has".

Only time will tell if the Ark attains "iconic" status in Lismore, and whether a local galah helped to get it there

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