Majority of online readers support random drug testing

OPINIONS of The Northern Star's online readers are divided on the controversial issue of saliva testing motorists to identify who is driving with illicit drugs present in their system.

When the paper shared to its Facebook page a story about Monday's anti-saliva testing protest held outside Lismore Court, more than 40 readers commented.

The majority of the comments supported the use of random drug testing by police.

Sara Elizabeth Carr posted: "Don't do drugs or drink and drive. Simple."

Steve Mathers said: "Having had family members severely injured by a drug driver, I'm all for getting every drug taking loser off the roads."

Emily Jane wrote: "At this point in time, marijuana is illegal in Australia.

"So whether it's a fresh joint or left over from four days ago, it's still breaking the law.

"Don't do drugs if you don't want to get caught."

Troy Hawke posted: "It would seem that the majority of people opposed to Mobile Drug Testing are trying to justify their illegal drug habit.

"Weed smokers and meth heads have had a free run on our roads for a long time, now the police have put them on notice."

On the other side of the coin, Al Pegg wrote: "Money making exercise only. No proof that you're even impaired, plus there is no data on impairment of driving on these substances."

Ryan Miller posted: "Old and stupid people driving around causing havoc is fine, but smoke a bit of a plant the day before and get hauled off like a criminal."

Graham Wilson said: "Meanwhile the methadone clinics and chemists do a roaring trade in pharmaceutical mind altering drugs that impair driving ability too (and none of these are tested for in their wisdom)."

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