EYE ON THE PRIZE: Former Urunga bowler Corey Wedlock will be aiming this week to improve on last year's runner-up finish at the Park Beach Open Singles.
EYE ON THE PRIZE: Former Urunga bowler Corey Wedlock will be aiming this week to improve on last year's runner-up finish at the Park Beach Open Singles.

Main states miss out on bowls logo change

NEW South Wales and Victoria aren't among the five states and territories that with Bowls Australia have adopted a mix of the participants' logos as a new corporate brand for bowls.

Bowls Australia gives no reason for the absence of the game's two main states.

In a media release labelled Rebranding the Sport of Bowls, the national body says the new move features "consistent elements that tie the brands together as part of a suite of logos, while also incorporating individual icons and colours specific to each region”.

It says it is envisaged the new brand will transcend borders and create greater brand affinity and awareness among the 180,000 registered members in 1902 clubs.

Bowls Australia stresses the new logo, which appears in communications of the six participating organisations from February 2, won't affect the National Merchandising Program logo or bowls at "grassroot level”. Players can continue to purchase and wear clothes bearing the BA logo which has been changed - the jack in it has been replaced with a Southern Cross star.

Teys dropped

A CULLING of the Australian squad to 16 has resulted in our homegrown star Aaron Teys, the 2015 Australian Open singles champion, being dropped.

Also given the axe was Bowls Premier League winner Ben Twist, along with Max Kleinig, twice named the best bowler in South Australia.

Corey Wedlock, 20, of Cabramatta , has been added. Four of the 16 are from Cabramatta.

Commenting on the move, national coach Steve Glasson said: "The Australian selectors opted to make some tough and decisive calls in relation to this squad formation. In brief, the selectors wanted to make it very clear they wish to have the elite involved, those considered to have an 'X-Factor' and only those willing to commit to being Jackaroo in every way imaginable.'

Glasson continued: "There will be scope to include up to a further four players from outside the Australian Jackaroos with an invitation to participate at the upcoming Multi-Nations event at Broadbeach in June, which is a lead-in tournament for the Commonwealth Games, so there is still hope for those not chosen today.”

Glasses mishap

MY eyesight was playing up as I drove to Ballina to see the district championship. Everything was hazy and cloudy, even the road signs. I pulled up and had my wife drive. At the games I couldn't see the scores on the board - she had to do that for me, too.

My sight returned next day when I found out I'd been wearing her glasses.

MY VIEW: On head covering

WE'VE warned lately of the dangers of playing bowls in extreme heat while national and state authorities pass the buck - they leave it to the club controlling body to decide whether to play, suspend or abandon the games.

But if it's the club's responsibility to have a duty of care to safeguard their bowlers, don't bowlers have a duty of care to look after themselves?

I saw the opening round of the district fours and you could have knocked me over with an empty sock when I saw two of the bowlers played BAREHEADED in the blazing Ballina sun for the hours it took to complete the 21 ends. Only one player in the four rinks wore a hat - the others wore a variety of caps and those bucket hats that look like an upturned chamber pot, And when it comes to avoiding sunstroke, these are about as useful as a pocket in your underpants.

The back of the neck is prime territory for the sun to attack, and caps and bucket hats give that region of the body no protection. But BAREHEADED! That's tempting the burning orb to do its worst.

If bowlers won't look after themselves, they have to be given rules that do it for them. Clubs - and particularly the district - should insist on adequate head covering for bowlers.

To hell with looking pretty and fashionable in a cap or chamber pot.

Fantastic fives

A FIVE-A-SIDE tournament at Cudgen Leagues on February 26 will match Zone One against Gold Coast in five categories.

The zone sides are - Under 25: Luke Jones, Kurt Forrester (Evans Head), Brendan Sheppard (Cabarita Beach), Jim Knight (Condong), Joshua Bruggy (Casino RSM). Open: Glen Pitts (South Lismore), Alf Boston (Ballina Cherry St), Jamie Eichorn, Peter Taylor (Casino RSM). 30-59 Years: Phil Sharp (Lennox Head), Steve Massey, Michael Turner (Kingscliff), Dave Cranwell (Condong), Gavin Speers (Ballina Cherry St). Over 60: Greg Barrack, Peter Duncan (Kingscliff), Trevor Clarke, Rex Forster (Lismore Heights) John Turner (Condong). Arm Bowlers: Terry McFadden, Alisdair Watts (Lismore Heights), Neville Dunne (Ballina Cherry St), Eric Edmonds (Condong), Kerry Somerville (Ballina RSL).

Finals time

NRDBA Open Pairs semi-finals at South Lismore this Saturday morning are (skips) S Brecard v P Taylor; P Sharp v J Greenhalgh. Final in the afternoon. The Reserve at Casino RSM is down to an afternoon final between K Watts and N Nugent. Seniors semi-finals at East Lismore are D Robinson v R Foster; P Carey v J Kingman. Final in the afternoon.

Well deserved

GEORGE Newell's life membership of the NRDBA brought plaudits from district president Jack Piper that his work in collating pennant results was incredible. I'm one of those who realise just how incredible. Every Saturday the outcome of all of the dozens of games in all seven pennant grades is in my computer before the dust has had time to settle on the greens.

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