Magistrate makes an example for unlicensed drivers

A MAGISTRATE has sent a strong message to suspended and unlicensed drivers when she disqualified a Casino man's licence for 12 months after he was caught driving twice in three days while suspended - you will be caught.

When sentencing Timothy Lavis, who entered guilty pleas at Lismore Local Court on Tuesday to driving while suspended on December 9 and 12, 2013, Magistrate R Denes reminded the 18 year-old of the technology available to police.

Ms Denes said police highway patrol vehicles were fitted with sophisticated computer equipment to detect whether a car was being driven by an unlicensed driver or was unregistered.

She emphasised that the technology was also able to decipher whether the number plates of a vehicle had been changed or altered to avoid detection.

Mr Lavis told Ms Denes as he thought he successfully appealed his licence suspension at Casino Local Court on November 6, 2013; he thought it was safe to drive.

"Did you not hear that your appeal was dismissed," Ms Denes asked.

"No," Lavis replied.

Lavis told the court he drove to a shop on December 9 to get some food, as there was no food in his house when he was pulled over at Lismore.

Three days later he was pulled over on Casino St, South Lismore and issued a court attendance order for driving while suspended.

"What does suspended mean to you," Ms Denes asked Lavis?

"You're not allowed to drive," he replied.

Ms Denes disqualified Lavis from driving for 12 months and imposed fines totalling $1800 for both offences.

"Have I made it very clear?," Ms Denes asked Lavis after sentencing.

"Yep," he replied.

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