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Macca's uniform ban

THE Northern Rivers' newest McDonald's restaurant says it will help discourage students skipping school by refusing to serve them during school hours.

Tweed River High School students will not be served at the new South Tweed McDonald's during school hours in an attempt to discourage wagging.

Owner of the Minjungbal Drive restaurant, John Davis, said he had been approached earlier this week by the school's principal, Narelle Howell, who was concerned that the proximity of the restaurant to the school would encourage students to cut classes.

Between the hours of 8.15am and 2.30pm on weekdays Tweed River High School students in uniform would not be served unless they had the relevant school leave passes.

He said he had been commended by members of the public for passing up burger sales in a bid to keep students in class.

“We are trying to be a responsible business,” Mr Davis said.

“We employ a lot of students from Tweed River High and I would like to continue to work with them and have a good relationship with them.

“Obviously their education is very important.”

Mr Davis is trying to avoid the restaurant becoming a 'hangout' for crowds of local teenagers, and said it was important to promote it to the public as a family restaurant.

Banora Point parent Debbie Lacey was happy to hear of the policy involving Tweed River High students, as her daughter Kayla Brough, 13, attends the school.

“I think it is brilliant,” she said.

“It is not just that (the cutting classes), it is an issue with the children's safety as well.

“When I drop my kids off at school in the morning, I want to know that that's where they are going to be.”

Ms Lacey said on dropping her children off at school in the mornings, she had seen students jumping on the tow bars of cars and catching a ride through the restaurant's drive-through.

Tweed River High student Shelby Crouche, 12, said the students were warned they would be in trouble if they were caught at the McDonald's during school hours.

“We don't get served after 8.15am, so when there is two minutes left, you see all the students running towards Maccas,” she said.

Ms Howell said students would not be given pass-outs for any retail purpose.

“We are happy that McDonald's has taken up this policy with students,” Ms Howell said.

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