Terania Street, Lismore: the scene of the July 2007 raids.
Terania Street, Lismore: the scene of the July 2007 raids. The Northern Star

Lone Wolf bikers jailed over drug bust

TWO men arrested during police drug raids on Lone Wolf bikie gang premises in Lismore in July last year remain behind bars after being sentenced in Lismore District Court last week.

Lone Wolf bikie gang President, Phillip Bruce Wheatley, 48, of North Lismore, was sentenced to six years in prison for supplying prohibited drugs and possession of an unauthorised pistol.

Jason William Haselden, 35, of Lismore, was sentenced to four years in prison for possession of an illegal drug, ongoing supply of a prohibited drug, dealing with the proceeds of crime and conducting a drug premises.

Wheatley was arrested during a police raid on the gang's headquarters in North Lismore in July last year.

He was found with a loaded .357 Magnum Black Hawk pistol next to his bed and a total of 113.7 grams of methamphetamines elsewhere on the premises.

Defence solicitor Ralph James said Wheatley had chosen to supply the drugs to support his drug and gambling addictions.

He said Wheatley had limited use of his hands due to carpel tunnel syndrome. As a result, his ability to use the gun was diminished and it was most likely kept to threaten intruders rather than use.

In sentencing Wheatley, Lismore District Court Judge Black said a significant sentence had to be imposed.

"There were three separate incidents of supply within 30 days and the pistol concerns me," he said.

"This was a loaded pistol and even though the medical evidence shows the offender might have difficulty firing it I am sure he could have if he wanted to and there was not much point in having it loaded if it was for show and not to fire."

In a simultaneous raid police arrested Haselden during their search on a house in Uralba Street, in Lismore.

During the raid police found one gram of methylamphetamine divided into 13 plastic bags, 17 grams of cannabis and $450 cash.

Haselden's home was fortified with bars on the windows, a security grill on the front door and a video surveillance camera and intercom.

Police also detected Haselden supplying methylamphetamines on three separate occasions from May to July last year.

Haselden's defence solicitor Ralph James told the court Haselden had a difficult childhood resulting in his withdrawal from society and into drugs.

While sentencing Haselden Judge Black said the heavily fortified house indicated the seriousness of what Haselden was doing and from his previous convictions he knew the consequences of what he was doing.

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