THIS video was posted by Koala English on June 24 last year and is titled Koala Hello.

BJ Bulmer moved to Japan from Ballina in 1998 and started Koala English School.

This video is a clip from the Koala English School Youtube Channel of BJ and another North Coast import, Greg Crawford. Greg also owns a language school, Aire English.

Here they are performing the ''Hello Song''. They continue to write play and record educational CDs for kids in Japan.

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The second video was posted by OrganiseMe on July 21 and is titled Lizzy hang glides over Tallows Beach, Byron Bay.

"Hanging in the air like a hovering hawk. Apparently they are checking out the hump back whales below. How cool is that? I especially like the dive bombing glider coming in from the left..."

Just one of the many great things to do at Byron Bay.

The third video was posted by thanksdadphotos and is titled Thanks Dad National Photo Competition 2009 (Australia) on September 6 last year.

"For the past nine years 'Thanks Dad Photos' has been all about celebrating the wonderful things men do with their children - with the hope to encourage more men to spend more positive time with their children. We also want to thank the really important grandfathers, uncles, step-dads, foster dads and older brothers who mean so much to so many children. To find out more you can visit our website at:
Enjoy this wonderful selection of photos from our 2009 Competition."

This link was sent in by Chrissie Smart, a volunteer for Thanks Dad Photos, who lives in Lismore.

Have a look - their are some really great photos!

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