Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker are The Hussy Hicks. Photograph : Jason O'Brien
Leesa Gentz and Julz Parker are The Hussy Hicks. Photograph : Jason O'Brien

Listen to great new music from Northern Rivers artists

LIVE music may not be possible at a medium or large scale, but Northern Rivers artists continue to release fantastic music in different genres.

These are only some recent releases:

1. The Holiday Collective:

The Holiday Collective is a band with members from Launceston, London and Argentina, but based in Byron Bay and Tasmania.

The young act features some very talented folk, including Party In The Paddock festival founder Jesse Higgs, members of Tasmanian group Younger Dryas, rising DJ group In The Flowers and UK singer Meg Hitchcock.

Their latest single is called Kriya.

2. The Sidemen: Steve Banks and The Sidemen have released their debut EP, Songs From Behind the Viral Curtain.

The Sidemen is a group dedicated to shining the spotlight on the musicians who’ve played with some of Australia’s (and England’s) most iconic bands like The John Butler Trio, The Black Sorrows, The Paul Kelly Band, Pete Murray, and 10cc (UK).

Songs From Behind the Viral Curtain consists of five tracks and was written, produced and recorded remotely during COVID-19 enforced lockdown.

The lead single, Coronavirus Blues, “captures the current situation we find ourselves in with a touch of much needed humour,” said Steve Banks, musician from Byron Bay and creative director of The Sidemen.

The Sidemen have partnered with Support Act, Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers as a result of ill health, injury, a mental health problem, or some other event that impacts their ability to work in music.

3. Hussy Hicks: Blues ‘n’ roots acts, Hussy Hicks, released their 6th studio album, Gather Up The People, last week.

Key songs to listen out for are the anthemic title track, Gather Up The People, about togetherness and the idea that we are stronger together as a society; the highly vulnerable, Hid Myself, a ‘coming out’ and coming of age song about keeping those around you happy at the expense of your own truth and happiness, and folk love song Everything I Wanted and More, about being grateful for the person in your life that loves you unconditionally.

4. Wharves: Wharves are back with their new single Hard to Let Go, now released worldwide. The music video for the track is set on the rooftop of their apartment building in Lennox Head.

Hard to Let Go is another super catchy and energetic indie rock tune from Wharves, produced by Steven Schram and recorded at Rocking Horse Studio.

Lead singer Matt Collins said the band has achieve it own unique sound.

“We feel we are nailing down our own unique sound with Hard to Let Go, and we hope our audience will love it! We had some fun with this track and definitely did not shy away from the pop infused elements. We used a blend of acoustic and 707 electronic drums inspired by INXS who used that technique on their 1987 album Kick,” he said.

5. In Hearts Wake: In Hearts Wake has released new single and video Dystopia.

The single is the fourth release from the band’s upcoming carbon offset album Kaliyug, out August 7.

Vocalist Jake Taylor said Dystopia takes a new musical approach for the band, with compelling drive, progression and layered melodic intricacy.

“Dystopia speaks of the fourth cycle and present age of the world known in Hinduism as ‘Kaliyuga’. ‘Kaliyuga’ is often referred to as the dark age due to the predominate traits of discord, disconnection, destruction, materialism, oppression, cruelty and fear,” he said.

6. Wendy Ford: Ford’s latest album, Good Medicine, is aptly named for the times we live in. The release reached on the Indie Country Charts with the title track, which also has a video showing snippets of the region among its lush conceptual visual landscapes.

True to our eco roots, the album’s packaging is 100 per cent post-consumer recycled materials as is the 12-page insert booklet.

The album is for sale at Music Bizarre and through her website wendyfordmusic.com.

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