ROAD CLOSURES: Which routes you need to avoid

The persistent rain across the Northern Rivers has caused some changes to road conditions and drivers need to be extra careful.

According to MyRoadInfo, the following roads have been impacted as of Friday afternoon.



1. River Drive, at Carrs Bridge, Keith Hall (Closed)

Road closed - Roadworks Ballina Shire Council is replacing Carrs Bridge on River Drive, Keith Hall. It is expected that the new bridge will be completed in March (weather permitting).



1. McPhillips Rd (Closed)

Due to wash aways at the bridge McPhillips Rd is closed until further assessment can be undertaken.

2. Shores Drive, Yamba (Closed)

Shores Drive at the intersection of Yamba Rd during roundabout construction works will be closed from 18/1/21. Please follow detour signs.



1. Green Pigeon Rd (Closed)

Mathews Bridge (Closed) Impassable due to high creek levels - Temporary crossing washed out. Council standing by to restore access when water levels fall. Bridge closed with side track on site - Wednesday, January, 20, 2021 to Friday, 23 April 2021 (weather permitting)

2. Iron Pot Creek Rd (Closed)

Montgomerys Bridge (Closed)

Closed to all vehicles, remains open to pedestrian traffic - detour via Ghinni Ghi Rd and Logans Bridge Rd

R.F. O'Reilly Bridge (Caution) 20 Tonne limit on bridge, 11.45km from Ettrick Rd

Timber Bridge 11.7m Long (Caution) 10 Tonne limit on bridge - 17.59km from Ettrick Rd

3. Old Tweed Rd (Closed) No through access to National Park

Rd (Caution) Old Lawrence No. 1 Bridge (Caution) 5 tonne load limit in place on bridge approx. 3.6km from Clarence Way



1. Town Bridge, Town Rd (off Terania Creek Rd) The Channon (Closed)

Bridge closed - please use sidetrack. Thank you for your patience.

2. Tuntable Creek Rd, The Channon



1. Bora Codrington Rd (Closed)

Bora Codrington Rd (Closed)

Bridge burnt out - Myall Creek Rd to Springville Rd, Bridge Replacement/Road Works - February 19 to May 14, 2021

2. Coraki Ellangowan Rd, Coraki (Closed)

Sandy Creek Bridge, West Coraki (Closed)

Bridge closed damaged - 500m East of Springville Rd - Sandy Creek Bridge - Indef.

3. Mount Marsh Rd (Closed)

Bridge burnt out, bridge closed - Side Track for Light Vehicles Only. Tender underway, replacement works approx. April 2021



1. Hootons Rd (Closed)

Bridge over Clarence River (Closed)

Road closed. Bridge is being replaced by Kyogle Council, works commencing 20th May 2020. Works will take up to 4 months to complete.

2. Mole River Rd (Closed)

Mole River Rd Bridge over Mole River (Closed)

Emergency bridge works commencing immediately for a period of up to four weeks. The bridge will be closed to ALL vehicles from Wednesday 27th January 2021. Motorists to obey warning signage.

Mole River Rd (Roadworks)

Road grading works commencing weather permitting. Signage in place. Motorists to proceed with caution.


1. Crescent St, Cudgen (Closed)

Road closed between Altona Rd and Murraya Way, as a part of the Kingscoast civil works, until mid-January.

2. Letitia Rd (Closed)

Road closed due to COVID-19 restrictions until 22 February 2021. For more information refer to Council meeting of 19 November 2020 on Council's website.

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