Patch work of pot holes and repair work along Lennox Heads Park Lane.
Patch work of pot holes and repair work along Lennox Heads Park Lane.

Monopoly on 'worst road' title

IS PARK LANE in Lennox Head the worst CBD road on the Northern Rivers?

Recent rain has seen the town's second-busiest street deteriorate to the worst condition locals have seen in many years.

When The Northern Star inspected the laneway yesterday we counted at least 80 potholes, big and small.

However, Ballina Shire Council still refuses to start work on the planned $700,000 upgrade until the new community centre is finished.

That is likely to be late this year or early next year.

The upgrade will include road pavement reconstruction, new formalised parking, footpaths, kerbs and upgraded stormwater drainage.

Cr Peter Moore said that he had lobbied for years to get Park Lane included in the council's works plan.

“One of the reasons why engineers haven't touched it is because of all the trucks coming and going from the community centre construction site,” he said.

“But the design work has already been done and it's going to be fantastic when it's all finished.

“Not withstanding that, Park Lane is in a terrible state of disrepair.

“I drove along it the other day and it's like driving on a corrugated road.

“Park Lane is definitely one of our worst roads, and getting it fixed is our highest priority in Lennox Head.

“It's actually an embarrassment.”

Fellow B-Ward councillor Jeff Johnson said Park Lane was an ‘absolute disgrace'.

“You almost try to avoid it if you can,” he said.

“Park Lane should have been resurfaced years ago.

“It resembles an overused driving range.”

The lane is one of the busiest roads in Lennox Head, running parallel to the main street and providing access between Williams Reserve, the shops and the beach.

Civil services group manager John Truman said work had been delayed because of hold-ups with the community centre.

“The council is currently completing work to improve the drainage in Mackney Lane,” he said.

“The remainder of the project is programmed to follow the completion of the construction of the community centre. In the interim period the council will continue with the existing arrangements for the routine maintenance of Park Lane, including pothole repairs.”

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