Lismore begins testing of $700k organics processing facility

THE $700,000 expansion of the organics processing facility at the Lismore Recycling and Recovery Centre has taken another step forward, with the new compost pad aeration system undergoing testing.

The new technology is capable of processing 25,000 tonnes of food and garden waste annually.

It needs to be trialled and tested for up to three months before operation can begin.

"This new system will halve composting time and ensure a more consistent product," the council's waste operations manager, Kevin Trustum, said.

"We already have good demand for our compost from local farmers and organic producers, and this will enable us to provide an even better product to the market, which has grown considerably since we received organic certification in 2014."

The expansion of the organics processing facility will allow the council to process waste for neighbouring councils.

It will also house a new bagging unit to better meet the needs of urban backyard gardeners, enabling the council to sell small bags of compost to local residents.

"We have closed the loop entirely on the local organics system," Mr Trustum said.

"All food and garden waste collected in the Lismore Local Government Area is composted, sold to locals and put back into the ground.

"That's a really remarkable achievement for our city."

The new organics processing facility is expected to be open by the end of July.