Lismore Amnesty group to hold #LetThemStay candlelight vigil

THE Amnesty International Lismore Action Group will hold a candlelight vigil and have a stall at the local markets over one busy weekend.

On Thursday February 18, the group will be conducting a candlelight vigil outside the electorate office of Page MP Kevin Hogan, to protest the continued detention of refugees and to support the #LetThemStay campaign.

In conjunction with No Business in Abuse, Remembering and Healing, and Ballina Region for Refugees, the group will stand from 5pm-5.30pm in front of Mr Hogan's office in solidarity with asylum seekers as well as calling on the Federal Government to end the policy of detention.

The group are also supporting the #LetThemStay campaign calling on the Government allow the 267 asylum seekers on mainland Australia, including 37 babies and 54 children to stay in Australia instead of being sent back to Nauru.

Group convener Anne Tuart said a vigil was a peaceful and solemn protest against inhumane policies of successive governments.

"We want to show that Government policy toward refugees and asylum seekers is not the best way to deal with the issue," Ms Tuart said.

"Endlessly confining innocent children and their families to a small island, goes against the spirit of egalitarianism and the 'fair go' which makes Australia great.

"Quiet reflection can often turn more hearts than shouting."

The group will also be holding a stall on Sunday February 21 at the Lismore Car Boot Market.

The group will be holding a petition to send to the Federal Government encouraging them to take further action to help with the growing humanitarian crisis in Syria as well as providing information about their upcoming 'Look of Silence' movie night which will be held on 20 March.

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