RISING STAR: Country music singer Travis Collins.
RISING STAR: Country music singer Travis Collins.

Life lessons come as songs for Country star

HARD Light is Country star Travis Collins' latest album.

The release has already delivered two #1 singles to his tally of hits: the reflective Just Another Girl and the haunting Call Me Crazy, whilst the album itself charted in the ARIA top 20 all-genre albums chart.

Collins said his upcoming Ballina show at the country music festival will be fun and exciting.

"We always try to make things as fun as we can,” he said.

"In entertainment, I think our job is to make an environment where people can leave all their worries and troubles about bills and life at the gate.

"Come in and we'll do our best so people forget about all that for a while.”

The artist said half of his Ballina show will be songs from Hard Light.

"About 50% is off the last record, and then we sprinkle a few of the older songs that have been very successful for us early on,” Collins said.

He may include some surprise covers from his favourite artists too, to spice up the live show.

"We may also include a couple of tunes that aren't my songs in the show, a couple of covers for those who may not know who we are, so everyone hears something they are familiar with,” he explained.

Hard Light is an album that allowed Collins to release a bunch songs he wrote when inspiration reached him.

"Whenever I feel inspired I try to write a song; rather than make the time and hope the songs comes. I try not to force them,” he explained.

"All of those songs came in the six month period before recording them.

"All the songs are very true, and the album is called Hard Light because I took things from my past, that you might felt were unfortunate, occasions when I felt stupid for some of the decisions I made.

"You put some distance from those experiences and you learn that some of the mistakes we have made in our lives actually gives us the most important lessons.

"The album is about taking things in your life that were hard to get over and celebrating the light that comes out of them, and how much stronger and smarter they make you.”

"It's about turning negatives into positives.”

Travis Collins may even try some new songs at his Ballina show.

"I just finished writing my new record and we have no date yet for the studio, so we've got a whole bunch of new songs that we are going to have to start road testing one by one, Ballina may be the first place where we do that,”

  • At the Ballina Country Music Festival, at the Cherry Street Sports Club, November 4. Visit outix.co.

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