LETTER: Parking near Lismore Base hospital should be free

HOW disgusting that the Lismore City Council thinks it's acceptable to charge the public to park near the Lismore Base hospital.

Now it is expected they will increase the fees in February 2016.

Lismore City Council is the only council in Australia I'm aware of that charges visitors to park on the streets surrounding the local public hospital.

Hello! The majority of people who need to park near the hospital are either:

1. Family or friends of very sick or terminally ill patients.

2. Patients who need frequent treatment on a daily/ weekly/monthly basis.

3. The wonderful hospital staff who are an asset to our community.

Sure, there should be time limits for parking on the streets near the hospital but it should be free. People don't need the added burden of parking fees or checking their watches to see if they have to move their car every few hours! It's great that the Base is building the multi- storey car park and that the parking fees for that will pay back that debt. Plus it will allow extra spaces to park.

My husband has been diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease. As his kidney function slowly deteriorates, we have found his visits to the Lismore Base hospital have become more frequent over this time. It is not until you are in the situation that you really see the big picture. If he requires dialysis in the near future, he would have to drive to the Lismore Base Hospital from Casino at least 4 days per week and pay a parking fee of at least $72 per week.

Yes traffic around the Lismore Base Hospital is horrendous but charging parking fees and in fact increasing them is not going to alleviate traffic congestion. The Lismore City Council should hang their heads in shame!

- L DEEGAN, Casino.

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