LETTER: More experts than there are sharks

THERE has been so many articles by marine scientists in the Star this week that it appears that they are as prolific on the NSW's east coast as their pet pin-up 'white pointer' species that they are desperately trying to defend, with long winded unsubstantiated claims and dubious manipulated polling, with the latest ludicrous theory linking shark culling to climate change?

Try polling the people who regularly live in or on local waters or perhaps the helpless bystanders who watched as the victims of these viscous sharks bled out in front of them on the shoreline, then you might get a more realistic result.

.One article concludes with the warning that 'white pointers' must be 'protected at all costs', which I presume means at the possible cost to human life or the cost of a debilitating injury! The irrefutable fact is that having been protected for the last 18 years these killers have now bred up to unrealistic large numbers and present a serious threat to anyone wishing to enjoy a swim or a surf on the Far North Coast with a number of favourite beaches remaining no go zones.

There is an enormous amount of hot air being blown at us by the obsessed, scientific conservation community with first the failed Shark Mitigation Authority and now the Shark Summit, both stating from the very outset that they have no answers to the problem and continue to ignore any proven commonsense approach.

This current school of marine scientists appear to be well out of their depth when it comes to shark deterrents with 'dead shark in a spray can' being flagged as the most effective idea that they have come up far!

The technological deterrents that have been suggested are impractical, unproven and untested and therefore useless in this current crisis.

Scientific games and talkfests have so far cost the tax payer around the $350,000 mark and in the seven weeks what have the scientific research team from the DPI in our area achieved? Well not a lot, apart from the tagging of small 'whites' on the average of one a week with an already common knowledge announcement, that yes they do travel long distances and yes some do continue to prowl our coastline!

It appears that authorities are paralysed into taking the proven practical steps to sort out the problem, ambushed by a very vocal and politically correct 'white shark' loving community, that in a back ward step in our evolution, have put the rights of this aggressive killer over that of human rights.

As these predators have been given unrestricted access to our local shores, sadly it may take yet another serious incident for authorities to finally take off their scientific blindfolds and get real, come to their senses and take responsibility and the proven, practical steps to sort out this very serious situation confronting beach goers on the North Coast.

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