Letter: Local calls for end to shark 'hypocrisy'

WHILE greenies come in busloads from Byron Bay and planeloads from Sydney to protest agoinst netting our beaches and in the process trash the dunes which are a fragile environment, showing their true hypocrisy, they have no consideration for the those locals who actually surf and swim in the Ballina area and people who have lost family and friends and whose lives have been forever changed by death and injury caused by sharks.

We should have the same protection as the Gold Coast or the beaches from Newcastle to Wollongong where there has not been a fatal shark attack since the implementation of the nets.

None of us want sealife damaged but humans first!

The nets are a proven deterrent and could be implemented quickly, government permitting, as a temporary measure until a better way is proven.

We need the drumlines also and we need the temporary measure to extend to all the beaches in the Ballina Shire, not just Lighthouse Beach.

Lennox Head is a world famous surfing beach with one of the first surfing reserves.

There could be daily checks on the nets to ensure that no dolphins or tortoises are injured.

The far north coast (and the mid north coast) are dependent to a large degree on tourism.

Apart from the danger to human life accommodation, restaurants and cafes, water based businesses and retail are all being damaged by the constant shark attacks and immediate action is needed.

Surfers especially care about the environment and the ocean but get real - don't let any more people be injured or killed by the efforts of the "environmentalists".

P Leslie

Lennox Head

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