Is this a better look for our arty ark?
Is this a better look for our arty ark? DOUG EATON

Is this a better look for Lismore's controversial ark?

UPDATE: MULTI-COLOURED pillars for the infamous ark is not out of the question for Lismore mayor Isaac Smith.

Cr Smith said Lismore City Council would not pursue a rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossing for safety reasons, but would definitely be looking at creating something else with the same theme.

When asked whether the Lismore Ark was considered for a rainbow-inspired makeover, Cr Smith laughed and said "that did come up".

"We know it's not a well-loved sculpture but don't know yet if it will fit in well with the artist's plans," he said. "It's not a bad idea."

Cr Smith said other ideas discussed at Tuesday night's council meeting included a sculpture or image at the new art gallery quadrangle, and adding colour to buildings or pavements.


ORIGINAL STORY: A COLOURFUL crossing would never be approved, Lismore mayor Isaac Smith has said, but there will definitely be a rainbow-coloured something in the CBD.

Cr Smith said crossings were too closely legislated by the State Government so Lismore City Council would be "staying away from roads" entirely.

"The whole idea of white steps and the way they are lit and positioned is very strict," he explained.

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Councillors discussed possible locations for a rainbow sculpture or image at Tuesday night's council meeting.

"Some ideas that came out were to place it somewhere prominent such as the new quadrangle at the art gallery, or somewhere in the CBD," he said.

"We'd love to see the colours being used in innovative ways, maybe a treatment on buildings, a pavement, a sculpture ... we just don't have any defined ideas yet.

"The whole point is to create a space people wanted to gather - something to bring people together."

Cr Smith said the rainbow was also an important symbol for many reasons.

"The rainbow represents our LGBTI community, the Aquarius Festival, in christianity it's a symbol of new things and rebirth," he said.

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Your thoughts

When asked in a poll yesterday whether readers liked the idea of a rainbow-coloured pedestrian crossing, 57% of voters said "no" and 42% said "yes".

Many readers expressed their concerns about safety on The Northern Star's Facebook page.

"The colourful crossing may be difficult to see at night time for both the drivers and pedestrians," Sheridan Edwards said.

Craig Greaves asked: "So what happens with the legalities when someone gets hit by a car on it?"

Others supported the idea because of the rainbow's significance to Lismore.

Danielle Aafjes said "considering we're called the 'rainbow region', I think it's hugely appropriate".

"It will signify our support of multiculturalism and the LBGTQI community while also making our little town even brighter and more beautiful," she said.

Simon Pagotto shared his concern about the cost.

"The only problem I have with this is the cost and it's not what you think," he said.

"The local council could do this for the cost of the paint which is great and I think just solidifies that we are the 'rainbow region', but you know the current council will employ some consultants, who will then ask the people ... who will then do this," he said.

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