A man who embarked on a tirade toward his grandmother before threatening police has been sentenced.
A man who embarked on a tirade toward his grandmother before threatening police has been sentenced. Marc Stapelberg

'Lazy sl--': Man abuses grandmother, threatens to kill cops

A MAN who verbally abused his grandmother before threatening to kill police and their family has been spared time behind bars.

The Casino man, 18, appeared in the dock of Lismore Local Court this morning.

The court heard the man embarked on a tirade of his grandmother, damaging her property and calling her a "lazy sl--" and a "whore" on Sunday afternoon.

When the woman called police, her grandson spat on one of the attending officers and threatened to kill them.

He was charged with stalking or intimidation, destroying or damaging property, resisting police, assaulting police and two counts of intimidating police and has remained in custody since he was arrested on Sunday.

He pleaded guilty at his first appearance before Lismore Local Court yesterday.

Magistrate David Heilpern said if the 18-year-old's spit had made contact with bare skin instead of the police officer's vest, it would have meant jail time.

Mr Heilpern said some young people would offend just once before getting back on the right track.

He urged the man to be an example of this.

"That better be you, otherwise you're going to end up in jail," Mr Heilpern said.

Mr Heilpern condemned the man's behaviour to his grandmother and police.

"It beggars belief that anyone would treat their grandmother in that way," he said.

"He ... threatened to kill police and their families and said his grandmother was 'going to cop it' when he got out of there."

Mr Heilpern said the threats made to police, first at the home and later at Casino Police Station, were "very serious".

"As somebody who's suffered threats over the years, it does impact on your ability to do your job properly," he said.

"It does make you worry about your family."

Defence solicitor Hugh Van Dugteren said when his client said the victim was "going to cop it", he was not threatening physical violence, but rather a verbal confrontation.

The man was sentenced to a good behaviour bond for 18 months for Sunday's incidents.

For a breach of bond on previous offences of having custody of a knife inside a school and entering enclosed lands, he was convicted with no further penalty.

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