Laura Enever.
Laura Enever. The Northern Star

Laura clinches win on last wave

LAURA Enever used the final wave of the All Girls Surf Showdown to clinch the title from Byron Bay's Laurina McGrath at Lennox Head yesterday.

McGrath made the best of the difficult conditions early in the Open Pro final and looked certain to retain her 2007 crown until Enever, the Under-18 World Champion, pulled out a nine-point ride in the final minutes.

The 16-year-old North Narrabeen surfer said she had to wait to the presentations to be sure that she had won.

"I knew it would be a hard final competing against girls who have won it before," she said. "I got one wave right at the end and rode it to sure. It must have pushed me ahead."

It did. It was the highest-scoring wave of the final and has seen her draw comparisons with World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.
Contest co-director Rachel Bonhote-Mead said Enever had the potential to qualify for the professional world tour in near future.

McGrath's form won her the best manoeuvre title for the competition while Pauline Menczer finished third and Crystal Vail fourth.

Entries were down to 120, from about 180 last year, but Pentecost said it was still a big success.

"It was an excellent tournament," she said.

"We've had great feedback from all the girls who really loved the surfing because of the camaraderie. The quantity (of surfers) was down from last year, but we still had the quality."

Winners: 14 and Under: 1 Ellie-Jean Coffey 2 India Payne, 3 Lauren McAleer, 4 Beth Palmer. 16 and Under: 1 Philippa Anderson, 2 Lyla Wright, 3 Sophie Hardcastle, 4 Emily Clapoudis. 28 and Over: 1 Jenny Boggis, 2 Sandra English, 3 Kathy Newman, Cathy Ryan. Open B: Skye Burgess, 2 Emily Clapoudis, 3 Samantha Bourke, 4 Louise Oirbraws. Longboard: Kirsty Webster, 2 Rachel Pinsak, 3 Maz Pentecost, 4 Kara Nobbs. Under 21: Paige Haggerston, Laura Enever, Sophie Hardcastle, Georgia Fish. Open Pro: Laura Enever, Laurina McGrath, Pauline Menczer, Crystal Vail. 14 and Under Incentive award: Bridget McCullouch. 16 and Under Incentive: Lauren McAleer. Under 21 Incentive: Grace Tatum. Best Judge: Zippy Pearson. Highest-placed All Girls club member: Lyla Wright. Best Manoeuvre: Laurina McGrath. Best Wipe Out: Maz Pentecost.

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