YOUR SAY: Laughing helps keep us sane in Toowoomba

YOUR SAY: Reading Peter Hardwick's column regarding the toppling of our recent Prime Minister (More knives than Demtel) and later Peter Swannell's column Cheese to feather duster I laughed heartily at the former's analogy of the situation.

Professor Swannell also took a serious but tongue-in-cheek view of this massive issue but both columns made me think of the toll this type of situation must take on the people actually involved.

I guess being in politics makes one have a very thick skin and if they can stab in the back they must be prepared to be stabbed.

But oh for humour! Mr Hardwick's comparison of this massive situation to his football team and coach made for really belly laugh type mirth and Professor Swannell always makes me smile with his down-to-earth type summing up of any life happening.

Humour is so important in our every-day lives and if we can laugh at whatever (funerals are often fertile ground for this) we somehow can keep our sanity.

Who loves the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral? One of my all time favourites but not what one would imagine being comedic.

I laugh at The Simpsons but really there are some really serious issues happening there.

I laugh when we play tennis sometimes but I am supposed to be there for the exercise.

I also laugh at something my husband says that is not that funny (more quaint) but the fact that we laugh is just all important.

The saying "Laughter is the best medicine" is profound and I am thankful that we have journalists and politicians in this world to keep this happening.


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