Lismore City Council

'Late Nighter' is back on the road

WHILE speed and alcohol are blamed for many of this year's record road collisions, it appears the lack of affordable public transport also has contributed to the region's high drink-driving rate.

However, there is good news for Lismore late night travellers with the Late Nighter bus resuming its service for at least another 12 months, thanks to the ongoing sponsorship.

The service runs every Saturday between 11.30pm and 3.45am, travelling from the CBD to most of Lismore's suburban areas.

With extra police arriving from Sydney for the Christmas holidays, and the Lismore Late Nighter providing an alternative to drink-driving, Acting Inspector Matt Kehoe said the combination would help lower drink- driving figures during the festive season.

Lismore City Council road safety officer Salina Runge said it was important that sponsorship continued to increase, along with patronage to ensure the sustainability of the service.

“The Lismore Late Nighter has been in operation since July 2005 and the number of people using the service continues to increase. It is well and truly a fixture of Lismore's night life,” Ms Runge said.

However, Insp Kehoe said drink-driving was a problem on the North Coast and, with no trains running on our tracks and limited bus services at night, more affordable and convenient services were needed to prevent both drink-driving and antisocial behaviour.

He said the council initiative supported other road safety and crime prevention initiatives and took pressure off the police. Many of the crashes seen by police this year had resulted from drink-driving or speeding.

“The buses have the capacity to shift large volumes of people away from the CBD and drop them off safely at their homes,” he said.

Timetables are available for the $3 each way service at Lismore City Council offices or website. A security officer is on the bus from midnight.

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