Large number of young voters undecided

ALMOST a third of young voters remain undecided despite the Federal Election being just 11 days away, new research shows.

The survey of more than 950 people aged 17-24, conducted by left-wing think tank The Australia Institute, asked respondents about their voting intentions, whether they voted the same way as their friends and family, and how interested they were in the Federal Election.

It found Kevin Rudd's return as Prime Minister was helping Labor attract the youth vote, with a third of respondents indicating they would vote Labor on September 7 - a 10-point jump compared to a similar survey in May.

Further, 35% of those surveyed said Mr Rudd's return as leader made them more likely to vote Labor, while 14% said they were less likely to vote Labor.

The Liberal vote dropped marginally during the same period, from 25% to 23%, while the Greens dropped three points to 8%.

But the votes of a large number of young Australians remained up for grabs, TAI executive director Dr Richard Denniss said.

"What's really interesting is that 28% of young Australians still haven't decided who they'll vote for," Dr Denniss said.

"That should be a pretty clear indicator to our politicians that there are plenty of votes to be won, if they address issues that are important to young people."

Four in 10 respondents said none of the political parties represented the needs of young people, down from 47% in May.

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