Koala's '20-minute terror spree' at G'bah home

A KOALA carer has shared a story of an unusual rescue that took place at Goonellabah last night.

Luke Kane posted the story on social media, and it was shared by local group Friends of the Koala, which said: "It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic".

Mr Kane wrote: "Lucky tonight's koala that I rescued doesn't have to follow the law, because I'm pretty sure he'd be in jail right now.

"His 20-minute terror spree involved walking up the steps of a house in Goonellabah, walking across the second story verandah and attempting to break into the house.

"He climbed up the security door and made a lot of noise attracting the attention of the residents.

"He followed this B&E attempt up by attacking the cat, who ran inside scared and hasn't been seen since.

"Mr Koala then promptly tried to climb a Colorbond drain pipe.

"He was still attempting to climb the drain pipe when I arrived and managed to bite me between two fingers while I put him in a cage.

"'Why?' I hear you ask. Honestly, I don't know.

"We're getting a lot of koalas in weird places lately but typically they are not attempting entry to houses.

"If you find a koala doing something strange (basically anywhere other than in a tree) call 6622 1233 and we'll get them some help."

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